Wednesday, January 27, 2010


by David Agranoff

***OUT NOW, SPRING 2011***

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The Fallen Guardian's Mandate
, just serialized in the JAN ISSUE of The Freezine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, is a prequel to the events which later come to form David Agranoff's debut novel Hunting The Moon Tribe--which is set in modern times.

The Fallen Guardian's Mandate is set in 16th century China, and follows the exploits of a disgraced monk and demon-slayer named Xu. (Pronounced "She-you"). Xu has been set on a mandate by the Emperor to uncover the evil allied with the Manchu army, as they spread terror throughout central China. He is assisted by the blind storyteller Shun and a naive, younger monk named Kui. Along the way they forge new allies and enemies, and encounter many strange and disturbing situations.

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